36 Days of Type — Collaboration

36 Days of Type — Collaboration by Albert Oriol

36 Days of Type — Collaboration


“36 Days of Type is a project that invites designers, illustrators and graphic artists to express their particular interpretation of letters and numbers of our alphabet”


For this year’s edition, I decided to contact 36 designers and illustrators with the idea of animating a unique letter from each artist. The animations will be posted here and on Instagram when the project starts (April 2019).

The goal was simple: carry out a worldwide collaboration with 36 artists. However, this turned out to be much more complicated. Not everyone responded to the messages and emails which made it difficult to envision the scope of the work to come. Despite that, everyone that responded was really welcoming and open to the idea of seeing their work animated.

I also wanted to challenge myself to tryout different animation styles that I don’t usually get a chance to work on. Furthermore, I wanted the alphabet to be packed with as many animation techniques as possible: traditional animation, 3d animation, character animation, 2d animation…

I would like to give a huge thanks to all of the artists that let me animate their work. Thank you for making this project possible!


The 36 chosen illustrations to be animated


Original designers and illustrators:

A — _bilos_
B — ericyzhe
C — polsola
D — broke_and_infamous
E — tenski_art
F — almirnago
G — laika_sir
H — maloudejonghe
I — admjlws
J — _nerwus
K — naraydh
L — ryanrobinson3
M — hola.gabrielle
N — mr.tioda
O — uniqschweick12
P — magda.bran
Q — casiegraphics
R — justynastasik 
S — ffffrutuoso
T — mrs.dlrsa
U — shadowindesign
V — juliarbol
W — meeta_p
X — cali_doso_
Y — jasonnaylor
Z — racheltopf
0 — mnaumanndesign
1 — kristiinaalmy
2 — theroboto
3 — xerofernandez
4 — blkmelt
5 — a_saai
6 — stricknerdesign
7 — pastacoltonno
8 — esbrillo
9 — typocriollo

Stay tuned to my instagram for the animated versions!